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Eyelash Lift and Lamination

Eylash Lift and Tint

    Lift & Tint                                                  $75


Eyelash Lift and Lamination  - Procedure allows you to maintain your own cilia using the drug on the basis of keratin - the main component of hair and eyelashes. Hence, the second name of the procedure - keratin lamination. The structure means for laminating except keratin, include vitamins, organic materials, special caring ingredients (hops extract, yarrow and chamomile) that promote cilia, increase their flexibility. Penetrating deep into the cilia means eliminates structural damage, helps launch the process of their growth and the prevention of injuries, forms on the surface thin film that ensures the preservation of moisture and nutrients, natural shine and protection from the influence of external negative factors (cold, hot, hard, and seawater, ultraviolet light, etc.).

Lamination heals eyelashes, enhancing their appearance. Some beauticians procedure is sometimes informally referred to as ekolifting, because it raises the cilia from the roots, making eyes open and soft natural curve without creases (makes lashes more volume). Fills lashes pigment evens makes them smooth, shiny, dark. Restores the structure of the eyelashes, moisturizes and nourishes. No need in correction and special care.

Using only natural nutrients which is a positive impact on the structure of the eyelashes. Don’t brings any discomfort or limitations in your usual life (including bathing or visiting the sauna).

Eyelash Extensions

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