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Eyelash Lifting and Keratin Lamination

Training $350 (+HST) + Kit $250 (+HST)

     1 Lesson 3-4 Hours:

Natural Eyelash Lifting and Keratin Lamination:

Laminating your natural eyelashes is an alternative to eyelash extensions and is increasing popularity among clients. The technique of the procedure is quite simple, and the duration is only 60 minutes.

The procedure is different from all existing services and its main task is the filling of natural eyelashes, as a result of which they become substantially denser, stronger and acquire a rich color and shine from the roots to the tips.
Lamination is the application to the natural eyelashes, which includes nutrients, vitamins, oils and medicinal herbal components.
A special composition of this complex allows you to carry out the healing of eyelashes and produce an incredible visual effect at the same time.


     Lifting Effect of Eyelashes:

Eyelashes will become stronger, thicker, and much more voluminous.
Eyelashes will get a beautiful expressive color and incredible shine;
You do not have to wait - after the first procedure your eyelashes look 30% thicker and dense.
Significantly improves not only their appearance, but also their health, thanks to the effect of therapeutic and nutritional elements;
With each subsequent procedure, your eyelashes will add 10% in volume and density. Therefore, you get luxurious healthy eyelashes that will please you with a juicy color for at least 4 weeks!


     Two-hour practice includes:

1. Practice 1 hour. Because all compositions are kept strictly on time
2. Preparation of models for laminating eyelashes
3. Preparation of workspaces for the procedure
4. The correct selection of silicone cushions to the eyes of models (it will be required in the future at your work to clearly understand what eyelashes the client wants to see)
5. Careful testing of the application of protective tape, substrates

6. Working off all kinds of tools that are used in laminating (you will need to choose the correct   tools to work with)
7. At the time of the practice, we provide you with all the necessary materials and tools for free
8. Laminating eyelashes on models, under the strict guidance of the teacher
9. Correction of wrongly executed eyelash lamination on models
10. Learning the composition number 1 for laminating eyelashes
11. Learning the composition number 2 (Keratin) for laminating eyelashes
12. Learning the composition number 3 for lamination of eyelashes
13. Learning how to carefully apply the tint during lamination of eyelashes

14. Learning the removal of protective tape, substrates (no harm to the lower eyelashes)
15. Learning how to prevent gluing upper and lower lashes together.
16. Informing models about laminating aftercare (you will need this for future clients)
17. All questions that arise during the training can be further discussed with the teacher
18. Examination assessment of the technician while working on model


     The Course Includes:


On-Going Support

Student Discount on The Lash Lift Products and New Courses




Perm Solution

Setting Solution

Nourishing Oil


Silicone Shields: Small , Medium , Large

Mascara Wands

Flock Tipped Applicators


Under Eye Pads

3M Micropore Tape


Eyelash Extensions

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