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Lash School Near Me

Find a Lash School Near Me

If you are searching for a, "lash school near me" look no further than Eye Love Lash. Not only do we provide professional eyebrow and eyelash services, but we offer several certifications and trainings to teach people how to properly perform cosmetic procedures. Having professional and certified training can help take your career to the next level. Learn how to properly apply, touch up, and remove artificial lash extensions, as well as how to perform an eyelash lift. These are popular new beauty trends that are in high demand. Many people are asking for these procedures, but there are few beauticians certified and experienced in applying eyelash extensions or eyelash lifts. Our school provides comprehensive training for beginners so that they can broaden their clientele and reach out to new prospective clients. More clients and a wider audience can make a person more marketable and successful in the beauty industry.


For proper eyelash extension training, you will need to complete a two day course. This training course is perfect for beginners and will cover every step of the procedure. You will learn how to properly prepare and perform eyelash extensions practicing on both models and real, live people. We will also teach you how to properly refill lashes, as well as how to remove lashes. Further, you will learn about the rules and regulations surrounding proper sanitation of your workspace and tools throughout the procedure. Following a successful certification, each student will be given a beginner tool kit with all the necessary materials and products to start performing eyelash extensions. For the right eyelash extension training designed to show students the safe, and correct way to perform an eyelash extension procedure, turn to Eye Love Lash.


In eyelash extensions school, not only will you learn how to properly apply, fill, and remove eyelash extensions, but you will learn how to better market yourself with your newly acquired skill set. We understand that having additional trainings and certifications make you more valuable, and we want you to help spread the word. In our eyelash extensions school we will cover effective marketing techniques to help grow your customer base, as well as your asking rates. Plus, we want you to understand the power of social media. This free, yet effective marketing tactic is a great way to capture a wider audience of customers, helping to grow your clientele. At Eye Love Lash we want our customers, as well as our students, to be happy and confident. Our extensive schools, trainings, and certifications are designed to help emerging beauticians reach new heights in their careers. Adding new skills to your repertoire will only help further your career in the future.

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