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LED Light Treatment

Skin Therapy and LED Light Treatment

LED light treatment is an effective and painless treatment that can help reduce the signs of aging and create healthier, more vibrant skin. LED lights are used in varying wavelengths to penetrate the skin promoting growth and regeneration. Not only is LED light treatment completely pain free, but it is relaxing. Simply lay under the rejuvenating light and relax as the light penetrates the skin. There are seven different colors of light that each provide a different benefit to the skin. Select a red light for anti-aging properties. A purple light can help to reduce the appearance of scaring. This is great for acne scars on the face. A blue light can help treat acne and make the skin appear more clear. White light can reduce the appearance of age spots, while green light can sooth the skin and eliminate stress. Opt for a yellow light to smooth the skin and reduce roughness. Lastly, a green/blue light is able to promote cell energy and increase metabolism. Each LED light treatment lasts just 30 minutes, so this is a perfect treatment to receive even if you are able to pop in on your lunch break. Meet with the professionals at Eye Love Lash to learn about which treatment and wavelength of light is right for you so that you can have healthy, glowing skin.


As discussed, blue light can help reduce the appearance and occurrence of acne. This new technology of acne light therapy is a great alternative to caustic chemicals and medications. Not only are medications tough on your skin, but they can cause serious changes to your overall health and mental state. Acne light therapy is a painless and effective treatment for acne. Blue light has a different wavelength that can be beneficial for treating acne. The light is able to kill acne causing bacteria which can lead to healthier, more clear skin. This procedure is FDA approved and a great alternative treatment. This treatment is perfect for people suffering from mild to moderate acne. There is virtually no down time, and treatments are fast and painless. One treatment can take as little as 30 minutes, so it can be accomplished during a lunch break. Further, there are hardly any side effects, so acne light therapy is safe to use. Acne light therapy can be used on all areas on the body including the chest, neck, and back. People usually start to see a difference in the skin in about two to four weeks. Following a treatment, the skin may appear slightly red or inflamed, but these symptoms usually dissipate in a matter of hours. Typically, this procedure will cost between $40 and $60 per session. Blue light acne light therapy can be used in conjunction with other therapies or medication.

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