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Medical injectables at eye love lash

Lips & Face Contour


Dermal Fillers

Offering face and body rejuvenation treatments that help eliminates fine to deep lines and wrinkles using botox / dysport, fillers, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP®). Introducing the best of high technology for well-being; Stylage by Vivacy® fillers that offers a full range to suit all skin types and age. Studies proven to be long lasting, effective, and safe. While it increases elasticity on deep wrinkles and thick skin, perfect for smoothening out uneven skin.

Mini Lip Plump

Adding a little volume to the lip lines and wrinkles.

Full lips

Using one syringe to create shape and add volume to your desired look.

Face lines

Nasolabial lines (Laugh lines), Marionette lines, and other Facial lines.

Non-surgical Face Contour

For nose lifts specializing on small noses by adding a nasal bridge and sharpen the tip of the nose. To enhance a nose, giving it a chiseled look and straightening out from the bridge to the tip. To enhance the cheeks by adding volume that will give your face a lifted and prominent youthful appearance. A reshaped balance to the chin and jaws that can enhance your appearance. For men is to enhance more of a masculine look, and for women, a balance and soft features.



Botox / Dysport

To soften or eliminate forehead lines or wrinkles, crowsfeet, nasal lines (bunny lines), nasal flares, and gummy lines.

Maximum unit per site is 8-10 units.








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