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Ombre Eyebrows

Get Beautiful Brows with Ombre Eyebrows

Everyone wants beautiful, fully shaped eyebrows. It can be time-consuming and difficult to apply makeup every day to achieve the full, thick look you desire. Opting for ombre eyebrows is a great semi-permanent alternative to create a lasting look. Ombre eyebrows can give the brows a thick, yet shapely appearance. This procedure involves tattooing shading on and around the brows to give the look of a thicker and fuller eyebrows. Considered a semi-permanent option for thicker brows, ombre eyebrows can last for a year or more. Following your initial procedure, eyebrows will only need a quick tattoo touch up every one to two years. This process involves using a tattoo machine to add shading around the brows. Normal tattoo ink is used that will match your skin pigmentation and natural brow color. This procedure is different from microblading which tattoos individual eyebrow hairs onto the brow.


Ombre powder brows can be applied in just a matter of hours. Schedule an appointment ahead of time with one of our trained professionals at Eye Love Lash. We are happy to consult with you to find the perfect ombre powder brow treatment and procedure. To prepare for your procedure, do not tan for 14 days prior. The night before your appointment, avoid consuming any alcohol. The day of your appointment, avoid drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages. These beverages can cause an excessive amount of bleeding. Following an ombre brow procedure, avoid any open bodies of water such as swimming pools or spas that may transmit bacteria into the open wound on the brows. Allow the ombre powder brows plenty of time to properly heal. Although this is a tattooing procedure, we will apply anesthetic material to the brows as often as possible to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the procedure.


People searching for, "ombre brows near me" often turn to Eye Love Lash. Our team is dedicated and professional, and geared toward customer satisfaction. We aim to go well above and beyond expectations so that people are happy with their final product. Having eyebrows that look and feel perfect can help boost self-esteem and confidence. Being able to carry yourself with confidence can extend to other areas of your life. For "ombre brows near me" be sure to trust a professional and certified service. Eye Love Lash is proud to offer top quality care and service to give you the finished look you have always dreamed of.

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