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All Eye Love Lash pro tweezers come in both 120mm and 140mm variations, and have precision closure tips for expert isolation and pick up. Handcrafted and tweaked to perfection before shipping, each tweezer is optimized to have a "sweet spot", and reduce hand fatigue.


  • stainless steel
  • non-magnetic
  • non-static
  • autoclavable
  • super-fine tip


We recommend you store your tweezers in a case or tweezer roll.


Lash artists each have their own personal method of using and setting up their tweezers. Read below to learn how to adjust your new (or bent) tweezers to optimise your lashing technique.



SKU: 21554345656
  • How do I adjust my tweezers?
    The thing about tweezers that technicians can sometimes forget is that they need to be adjusted to better suit your personal lashing preference and needs. Sometimes the tweezers just need a but of tweaking to be aligned properly and "set up" before use. This technique can also be used when someone drops their tweezers and bends them.

    Take smooth needle nose pliers and squeeze the tips together to try and get more of the foot to clamp tight. Each side can be slightly straightened so the angle is a bit less and it closes more entirely. This can and should likely be done with any tweezer to set up its sweet spot for optimal lashing based on artists preference. If your tweezers have flattened out and lost there spring, you can close the tweezers with a pencil placed halfway between the hinge and points to increase the bend. After this trick they should grip again.

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