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Professional Hair Extensions

Get Longer Hair with Professional

Hair Extensions

For professional hair extensions, reach out to the experts at Eye Love Lash. We offer several varieties of hair extensions to suit both your needs and your budget. Ranging from tape-in options, to sewn in options, we have a wide range of hair styles and prices. Professional hair extensions begin at just $45 for small micro-ring touch ups. This is perfect for maintaining your hair extensions, or adding just small amounts of fullness to your hair. We also have customized professional hair extensions offered in lengths up to 24 inches long. Further, we offer procedures to remove existing hair extensions, or to apply a re-tape for your current set of hair extensions. If you are replacing an existing set of hair extensions with new extensions, we offer a special discount for the service. If you are considering adding hair extensions, reach out to a professional at Eye Love Lash. Consultations for hair extensions are always free of charge. We will meet with you to understand what you want your hair to look like, and will provide the best recommendations for hair extensions that work with your wants and needs. It is completely possible to have the long, thick, and full hair you have always wanted.

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